When to Make Boarding Reservations

imagesWhen should you make boarding reservations?

A good rule of thumb regarding dog boarding reservations is to make your dogs reservation as soon as you make your own. It’s better to have an appointment that you can cancel or edit if plans change instead of not having a reservation when you need one. Just like a hotel, we have a limited number of rooms available and once they are full, they are full.

What are the busiest times for dog boarding?

High season travel times are high season boarding times. Weekends in the summer, holidays and school breaks are very busy times for boarding. Availability is always subject to change and the weather has a great effect on boarding availability. When a patch of nice weather hits everyone wants to head up to their cabin up north, but great minds think alike, so call ahead to see if we have availability before you plan to drop your dog off.

When is the latest time I can make a boarding reservation?

We don’t have a minimum length of notice requirement, however; reservations are always subject to availability, so it’s always best to call and make your reservation as soon as you know you need it.

Our weekday boarding usually has room for last-minute accommodations but weekend boarding in the summer is an entirely different story. We do have a wait-list so if you have travel plans for dates we are booked leave your name on the wait-list and we will contact you after we do confirmation if we can accommodate you.

What do I need to board my dog?

We recommend you bring your dogs own food from home as a change in diet is likely to upset their stomach. We do have house food here (dry and wet) that we can provide but find most people like to bring their own.  Some dogs have trouble eating when they are away from home so at check-in we’ll ask you if you’d like us to mix something in their food to entice them to eat, sometimes changing the smell will entice them to start eating.

We provide Kuranda cots at no additional cost so the dogs aren’t actually sleeping on the ground. These cozy cots can be made even cozier with blankets and pillows, etc. We have those in ample supply here but if there’s something special your dog can’t sleep without feel free to bring it and it will be placed in his cabin.

If it’s been a while since your dog has Camped with us don’t forget your quick release collar. They are required on all campers (daycare or boarding) for safety reasons. Buckle collars or other types of non-quick release collars will not be permitted.

Where does my dog sleep when he’s boarding?

We have a variety of cabin sizes to accommodate your dog. Our new teacup cabins are perfect for the little guys who play in the teacup yard. They can roll out of bed in the morning and get right to playing. Ok, we don’t really let them roll out; but you get the idea!

We do have family cabins to accommodate multiple dogs in the same family. These work out great when you have a family of Bernese Mountain Dogs staying the week or other multiple dogs in the same family.

Our cabins are very spacious and offer privacy on the sides and the back so no one is going to be disturbed by their neighbor. Even though the cabins are cozy, your dog will still be in open play all day, our boarders receive about 6 to 8 hours of play time a day at no extra cost.

Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner and is one of those busy boarding times we mentioned. Space is filling up quickly so if you need a boarding reservation give us a call 586-445-9663.  Be sure all vaccinations are updated prior to check-in or it could interfere with your dogs ability to stay with us. We require up to date Bordetella, Rabies and Distemper vaccines and we also require all Campers to have passed our new Camper interview process. If your dog has never been to Camp he won’t be able to do an interview and board the same day so be sure to plan ahead, we recommend a free day of play at least a week before you need to board.

What are your Labor Day plans?


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