Kayla Claphan: Camp Counselor and Front Yard Attendant

KaylaIf you’ve trotted through our front doors, chances are you’ve come across Kayla either at the front desk or bringing up your dog from the back yard. Kayla doubles as a Camp Counselor and Front Yard Attendant splitting her time between the people and the pups.

How Kayla Started at CBW

Kayla began as a Camp Counselor almost two years ago and worked her way to the Front Yard manning the front desk. She’s the friendly face usually monitoring the desk for the night shift and directing traffic for the post-work pick-up.

Camp Bow Wow was Kayla’s first “dog related” job, even though she grew up with parents who bred Napoleon Mastiffs. She’s always had a love for animals, and owns quite a few of them but never officially worked in a pet industry job.

Kayla’s Animal Companions

Kayla has four dogs of her own, plus a cat and an African Grey Parrot. In 2012 a year and a half year old Pit Bull Mix was brought to Camp through the Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR). His name was named Ambrose and he was a goofy and lovable dog with a lot of energy. It was less than a month before Kayla worked up the courage to ask her Mom if she could bring him home as a foster. The stipulation from her mom was that he had to get along with the existing “smalls” (three tea-cup sized dogs that already lived at home) and he had to get a bath before he stayed the night.

Happily bathed and ready to go Ambrose took to “the smalls” right away. With one final rule, the changing of him name, Ambrose…now known as Dexter, became the newest member of the Claphan pack. Dexter, (affectionately known as Dee Dee) lives with Comet (the African Grey Parrot), Tinker (a Chihuaua/Yorki/Pomeranian mix), Jackson (a Yorki-Poo), and Snickers (a Chihuaua/Pomeranian mix) and a cat named Pumpkin.

Kayla’s Favorite Part of Camp Bow Wow

Kayla’s favorite thing about working at Camp is the relationships with the people, pets and co-workers. Kayla enjoys being surrounded by her pets (and yours), her family, friends and boyfriend. When she’s not at work you can usually find her Downtown Detroit at a Tigers or Red Wings game, looking for a good restaurant or on the couch watching movies.


One response to “Kayla Claphan: Camp Counselor and Front Yard Attendant

  1. gail

    Love seeing your face when I come to get Cash!!!

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