Why Dogs Get Dirty at Camp

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn a perfect world everyday is a perfect hair day, your outfit is always pristine and you go to work looking like you just stepped off the pages of a glossy magazine. In reality, you’re running out the door in the morning praying that your shoes and socks match each other and that you remembered to put pants on. We’re all friends here, and while we are far to polite to ever mention it, we know you don’t look the same when you pick up your dogs at the end of the day as you do in the morning when you drop them off. Just like you know your dogs don’t look the same when you pick them up as they did when you dropped them off.

What could possibly happen to your little angel in the course of a day (or a boarding stay) that makes them look like they do when you pick them up? Every dog has it’s own method of “Quick, Mom’s not looking let’s get dirty” and they vary in severity but there are common causes of stinky dog that happen at Camp here’s a breakdown:

Where and why your dog gets dirty at Camp

  • Heads-Dogs are all grouped by size and temperament but there is still a variety of dogs in size and weight in each yard. It seems the shorter dogs are getting the most slobbery ears and head. Sometimes it stinks being the little guy, literally! They enjoy standing near the tall dogs and feeling cool but it also allows their head to serve as a drool reservoir. The ears are the most popular play thing in the yard, especially dogs with floppy ears. They love to have their ears pulled and rubbed and we know that sweet spot for scratching, their ears are getting a lot of attention at Camp!
  • Belly-It’s exhausting being a dog at Camp. With 6-8 hours of open play even the most energetic Camper eventually lays down for a break. Unfortunately they lay on the same floor they play on and not always in the area that was just squeegee’d. In fact, they are professionals at finding the one spot the squeegee hasn’t gotten to yet and picking that spot to lay down. Each of our play yards has indoor and outdoor access and the dogs can come and go as they please all day long. Our outdoor yards are covered in a commercial grade turf and serves as both the pool location, potty location and sun tanning station. Each play yard is sprayed down with an eco and pet friendly enzyme based solution in the middle of the day. This keeps the turf sanitized and prevents any excessive build up of hair and stinky stuff, but with noses that have up to 300 million scent receptors (humans only have about 5 million) they are bound to find the spot with the most smell.
  • Feet-Just like your kids who always find the puddle when they are in their sandals or tennis shoes your dogs feet are the same way. Neither your children or your dog have any regard for where they put their feet and they magically seem to always find the spot you don’t want them to step in!
  • Back-The “upside down dog” is a popular play position at Camp. Someone is always either rolling over to scam a belly rub from a Camp Counselor or is playing with their friends in the rolling over position. This turns your dog into a living Swiffer sweeper. The static they generate from rubbing on the floor picks up all the hair from their friends.

Is Camp clean?

Does having a dirty dog mean we’re a dirty Camp? Absolutely not! Our cleaning process includes sweeping, mopping, deep cleaning, auto scrubbing and steam cleaning (not to mention a whole lot of good ole’ elbow grease)! All the products we use are eco-friendly, pet friendly and enzyme based. They are safe for your dog to walk in, sniff, lick, etc. (not that we encourage any of the above).

Why does my dog seem dirtier than the others?

Dirty dogs are a sign of a comfortable Camper. The happier your dog is the more they socialize and the more they socialize the dirtier they will get. They wear their friends slobber as a badge of honor but we understand you might not feel the same way.

What can I do about my stinky dog?

We do offer bathing services at Camp and also do nail trims with a Dremel to get that nice smooth edge (the kind that won’t slice up your leg when your dog jumps on you). If you’d like your Camper to have a bath (basic or hydro-conditioning/de-shedding) or a bath package (bath and nail trim) at the end of their boarding stay or day at Camp just let us know at check-in. We’ll ask what time you’ll be picking up and will have your Camper nice and fresh for their trip home!

What’s your dogs favorite way to get dirty?


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