The New Camper Process

Missy Hasten Here at Camp Bow Wow we like to make our new Campers feel welcome and we start that interview process by offering a FREE day of play. The free part probably isn’t as exciting to your dog as it is to you, but we do offer them free things too. Free sniffs, free belly rubs, free pool time, etc.

New Camper Qualifications – Who can play?

  • 4 months or older
  • Spayed or neutered (if over 6 months)
  • Up to date on Bordetella (canine cough), Rabies and Distemper vaccinations
  • In good health
  • Flea and tick free
  • Friendly to all dogs (and people)
  • Wearing a quick-release collar

Why The Free Day Of Play Is So Important

  • Assess the temperament of your dog in an open play environment-Even dogs who play with other dogs can be overwhelmed by an open play environment. We want to make sure every Camper is happy and healthy and can acclimate into the pack. We are often asked “Do you allow aggressive dogs at Camp?” The answer, of course, is NO. The interview day is a key in assessing a dogs behavior and temperament during open play. Dogs that pose a danger to themselves or others (including our Camp Counselors) are not permitted at Camp.
  • Allow your dog to acclimate to the pack before an extended stay-The free day of play is especially important for dogs who will be boarding with us. We want to make sure your dog is comfortable with us before you drop them off for an extended stay. Some dogs take a few visits to warm up to the idea of Camp, so we like to allow time for that to give your Camper the best experience possible.

Who needs an “interview day”?

  • Every new Camper must complete the interview process. This means completely new Campers (never been to Camp) as well as new-to-us Campers. Regardless of whether you’ll be using our Day Care services or Boarding, your Camper must pass the interview process.

When to schedule your free day of play

  • Schedule for a day when you will be available to pick your dog up should they not pass the interview process. Not all dogs are cut out to be Campers, so in the unlikely event your dog is one of them, you (or an authorized contact) should be available to come pick him up.
  • We normally schedule our interviews for drop off between 8am and noon Monday to Thursday. If this doesn’t fit your schedule we can accommodate you on a Friday or Saturday. We need about 15-20 minutes of your (the human’s) time and we require you leave your dog for a minimum of three hours. If your Camper is playing by the rules they are welcome to stay and play all day, after-all…it is FREE!

How to schedule your free day of play

  • Interviews are by appointment only, so when you have confirmed your vaccinations, and met the requirements give us a call (586-445-WOOF) to schedule your free day of play!
  • You can also submit a new Camper interview request on our website.

What happens during the interview day?

  • We meet you and your Camper, take your Camper Application, take a photo of your dog for their file, give them an official Camp Bow Wow name tag and introduce them into the play yard.
  • We have four play yards all grouped by size and temperament. Some little dogs like to run with the big boys and some older dogs find the small yard more to their “speed”. Our Camp Counselors will asses your dog and determine which play yard would be a good fit for them.
  • All new Campers will be introduced into the play yards slowly, with only a few dogs at a time until they become acclimated. Then we will “build” the yard around them as they become more comfortable and integrate into the pack.
  • We provide you with a D-Tails Card to let you know how your dog did on their first day. It’s basically a doggie report card. We’ll let you know how comfortable they were, who they made friends with and “D-Tails” about their overall first day at Camp.

We provide quality care for the four legged members of your family. It’s not too soon to introduce your dog to the pack, weekends and holidays are our busiest boarding season so don’t wait until it’s too late to get your new Camper past the interview process. Call us at 586-445-9663 to schedule your free day of play and we’ll show your pet a dog gone good time.


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