Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy in 2013 – Camp Bow Wow MI

At Camp Bow Wow we know better than anyone that those big puppy dog eyes can be persuasive at times. And although we know we shouldn’t feed our dog table scraps, sometimes we just can’t help our selves. Nutrition affects how much dogs eat, poop, shed and how shiny their coat is. It also affects how hyperactive they are. Make sure you are giving your pup food that they will enjoy but that will also maintain a healthy diet for a long and happy life.

Nutrition affects how much dogs eat, poop, shed and how shiny their coat is. It also affects how hyperactive they are.

Foods that your dog should NOT eat include the obvious: potato chips, caffeine, alcohol and chocolate. But, food that is healthy for humans isn’t necessarily healthy for a canine. Avoid feeding your dog garlic and onions. These can be toxic. Onions. raw or cooked, can result in a dog developing hemolytic anemia if they eat enough of them. Garlic will have a similar toxic effect.

Avoid feeding your dog any kind of raw meat or eggs. These are dangerous even for humans, but a dog has a much weaker immune system than us.

Also, avoid feeding your dog grapes and raisins. Not only are grapes bad for a dogs liver, these snacks can result in a serious tummy ache for your furry friend.

Dogs not only have weaker tummies than us, they tend to be more prone to allergic reactions. Avoid wheat and corn as your pup may very well be allergic to these foods.

If you absolutely cannot resist the urge to feed your pup, try feeding your dog lean meats with very little fat; fruits like apples slices, banana slices and watermelon; and vegetables such as carrots, green beans or zucchini.

To learn more about what you foods you should and should not feed your pet visit

This blog was written by Camp Bow Wow MI. We are a premier doggy day Camp and overnight boarding facility. We also run training camps and classes for raising a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog. Camp Bow Wow has over 100 Camp locations nationwide, plus one in Canada. Click here to book your pup’s stay at our Saint Clair Shores, Troy or Commerce facility.


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