Cleaning At Camp

SCS CleaningAt Camp, cleaning is a top priority (right next to make sure the pups are taken care of!) We have a plethora of different cleaning strategies to make sure Camp is in tip-top shape.

Our Industrial Steam Cleaner reaches 400 degrees and this allows for all of our cabins, play equipment, fence posts, and walls to be disinfected. Anything you can name that’s at Camp… odds are we’ve steam cleaned it!

The Carpet Cleaner is something that is used to clean our outdoor turf. It allows for cleaning solution to be put down before the vacuum sucks it all up, leaving the turf so nice and clean you can practically eat off of it.

We perform Deep Cleans and Quick Cleans every day at Camp to ensure every Camper’s living quarters are spic and span! Deep Cleans are primarily done at the end of your pup’s departure. We scrub the perimeter of the Cabin, the walls, the front facing fences, the top of the cabin, and finally we mop and squeegee it out. Quick Cleans are similar to a “hotel turn down service”. Periodically throughout the day we go in a fluff the Camper’s pillows and make sure the Cabin looks immaculate!

We take cleaning very seriously around here and, if you watch the Camper Cams enough, you might be able to catch a glimpse of it!