Meet Assistant Shift Lead Megan!

CBW SCS Megan D'Amico 2Megan used to joke around and say, “If only I could get paid to play with a bunch of dogs!” Not much long after, her dreams became a reality when she found Camp Bow Wow St. Clair Shores! Megan has been with us since February 2017 and has not looked back since.

In the short amount of time Megan has been at Camp, she has learned a lot! She is always eager to learn about good canine behavior such as maintaining energy levels, gate training, and circuit training. Megan works hard to put it to good use while in the play yards to ensure the Campers are in a safe environment.

Megan’s favorite part about her job is truly getting to know each dog’s unique personality and all of their little quirks. Being able to supervise them play with their friends in the yards and one-on-one time during grooming allows Megan to bond with the dogs quickly. From the way they walk, to the way they play, to all of their favorite scratchy spots – Megan has a huge passion for all of her Camp buddies.

At home, Megan has a Labrador Retriever/American Bulldog mix named Bella. They have been inseparable the entire seven years they have been together. Bella is Megan’s little princess and she knows it!

In Megan’s free time she enjoys going to the park with Bella, thrift shopping, and binge watching her favorite TV shows. Shopping and cooking are a couple of her guilty pleasures!